Export control and regulatory guidance

Developing an international patent strategy requires careful navigation of shifting regulatory and administrative requirements of trade and export controls. The reach is broad, affecting U.S. companies or organizations that export materials, software, and technologies, as well as non-U.S. companies that may utilize such exports in products of their own. In the current global environment, the trend is toward aggressive enforcement, and the penalties are severe. Playing by the rules is essential. A failure to understand the nuances could mean losing access to key markets and the potential of fines and prosecutions through inadvertent violation of export regulations.

Finnegan brings highly focused experience in this specialized area. With our extensive resources, we are well positioned to guide you through the complex maze of U.S. regulations governing the export of materials, software, or technology and even the transfer of knowledge. We regularly advise clients on export regulations, provide opinions on classifications, apply for licenses or license exceptions, and, should the need arise, litigate enforcement actions.