Finnegan's London office drafts, files, and prosecutes patent applications at the European Patent Office (EPO) and UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), and also under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Our European patent attorneys work side by side with our U.S. attorneys to provide clients with strategic and cost efficient coordination of their patent portfolio. As a result, our patent prosecution practice teams are able to work together with clients to develop and implement global patent portfolio strategies. With our depth of knowledge and experience in prosecuting applications in all technical areas, our dedicated teams work closely with the client to create customized strategies integrated with the client's business goals, internal procedures, product development, and technology. Our European patent attorneys have substantial opposition and appeal experience that enables them to prosecute applications with an eye toward enforcement as well as defending against challenges.

Our London team includes recognized experts and seasoned professionals, as well as experienced junior team members, each with extensive technical and/or prosecution experience. They all have science and/or engineering backgrounds, and many hold advanced degrees in their technical fields or have worked in the industry. The technologies at issue span nearly every industry sector, including oil, gas and energy exploration, medical devices, chemical, metallurgical, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars, industrial manufacturing, robotics, consumer electronics, computer software, and business methods.

Our philosophy is to draft and prosecute patent applications with an eye toward enforcement and strategy and with the client's interests and instructions always at the forefront. We strive to add value from the invention mining/invention disclosure stage by collaborating with the client's scientific contributors to set boundaries and to define the scope of the developed invention. We also seek to effectively communicate the achievements of our client's inventions and convey the boundaries and advantages of the inventions during the patent prosecution process. Our priority is to employ teams that allow us to take a primary role in developing a valuable global patent portfolio in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Our European patent attorneys also have particular expertise in requirements for PCT applications, including how to draft and efficiently prosecute an "EPO friendly" PCT application which satisfies the requirements in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. Our professionals are well versed in the standards of patentability and patent procedures in patent offices around the world. They provide a well-coordinated, consistent, and comprehensive global prosecution strategy that maximizes patent protection and minimizes costs associated with local as well as foreign filing and prosecution. These efforts result in stronger patent portfolios and reduce the risk of complications in, for example, any U.S. litigation that may arise involving a U.S. counterpart patent. This coordinated approach helps to improve the quality and efficiency of prosecution, thereby reducing costs.


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