Domain Name Litigation and UDRPs

We have developed an international reputation as a leading expert in the field of domain names. We have handled more than 75 civil litigations in the United States involving domain names, spanning industries such as food and beverages, hospitality, computer and electronics, and media and entertainment.

Our lawyers handle hundreds of domain name disputes each year and have filed or defended more than 500 complaints under ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for more than 100 different clients. We have addressed a wide variety of factual scenarios and issues with these complaints. Finnegan’s experience stretches well beyond the United States. We have coordinated or assisted with litigation involving generic top-level domains and country-code top-level domains in many foreign countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Uruguay. Favorable decisions have been issued in all cases decided to date, including what are believed to be the first such decisions in India and Israel. Because of the pervasive nature and extent of cybersquatting and infringement activity on the Internet, we have advised clients on developing domain name registration strategies to help avoid or minimize more costly enforcement work down the road. We also help clients manage and set priorities for enforcement efforts by developing specific guidelines and strategies.

Our domain name and Internet expertise derives not only from our extensive practical experience in handling such matters, but also from writing and speaking on these topics. Finnegan attorneys author articles on trademark issues arising from the Internet, including fair use, linking, metatagging, and the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, and we also review and summarize all significant Internet-related trademark decisions from U.S. courts.